Floor Care
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Everyday maintenance:

1. Vacuum or sweep your floor for regular maintenance.  The best vacuum is one made for smooth surfaces.

2. We recommend cleaning with 1 gallon of water to 1 cap full of vinegar or use Bona X Swedish Formula Hardwood Floor Cleaner ONLY!  Do not use any floor cleaners that contain OIL, WAX, or Silicone.  This could prevent a new coat of finish from adhering.  Bona X can be purchased at Ace Hardware or King Soopers.

3. When moping your hardwood floor use a slightly dampened, well wrung out microfiber mop.  Be sure not to use excessive water on the floor.  This can cause the floor to swell or warp.

 Helpful tips

Place mats at exterior doors, or high traffic areas to trap sand and grit.  You can also place mats in high water areas.  Be sure to avoid rubber-backed or non-ventilated mats or rugs.  This can damage your floor or leave a residue on the wood to prevent a new coat of finish from adhering.

Install floor protectors on furniture used  on hardwood floors such as felt or cork pads.  This will allow chairs and furniture to move easily over the hardwood without scratching.

As needed:  If your hardwood floor starts to show traffic patterns or dull spots begin to show, your finish is worn and should be Professionally reapplied.  This process is called "Screen & Coat".  A Screen & Coat is a one-day process and does not cause any mess to your home.  Screening is the process used to abrade the finish that is currently on the floor.  Then your floor is cleaned and a fresh coat is applied.  Screening and re-coating you hardwood floor will rejuvenate and prolong the life of your hardwood floor by putting a buildup of finish on the hardwood.  We recommend not waiting more than 2-3 years between coats.  If your hardwood floor gets too worn, or scratched it may be necessary to re-sand your floor.

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